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Every effort has been made to ensure our website pages are accessible to individuals with disabilities in accordance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. If you are unable to access any content on this website due to a disability, please contact our office for assistance.

Users with Visual Disabilities

Adjusting Font size and zoom - increase the size of our web pages

Zoom is a feature which allows you to increase or decrease either the size of a web page (Page Zoom, which is the default zoom) or the size of all text displayed in a web page (Text Zoom) in order to improve readability on a website basis. This article explains how to zoom in and out per website and describes the zoom text settings.   There are two quick ways to zoom in and out.

  • To zoom in, increasing the size, press and hold [Ctrl] while pressing [+].
  • To zoom out, decreasing the size, press and hold [Ctrl] while pressing [-].
  • To reset size back to normal, press and hold [Ctrl] while pressing [0].

If your mouse has a scroll wheel, press and hold [Ctrl] while scrolling up to zoom in and down to zoom out.

Another Method - To increase or decrease the size of objects and text on your screen:

  1. Open Display in Control Panel.
  2. On the Settings tab, click Advanced.
  3. On the General tab, in the DPI setting list, click the dots per inch (dpi) setting you want to use.
  4. If you choose Other in the DPI setting list, you can set custom options in the Custom DPI Setting dialog box either by selecting one of the percentage options in the drop-down list or by clicking on the ruler and dragging the pointer to specify a setting.
  5. Restart your computer when prompted.

Additional Accommodations

Documents on WV.gov may occasionally be presented in formats other than HTML. These formats are generally accessible to users using screen reading software. The screen reading capabilities of Adobe Acrobat Reader (full version) will allow vision impaired visitors to access PDF content. Should you have any difficulty viewing any page with adaptive technology, please contact our office for assistance.

The State of West Virginia provides, upon request, reasonable accommodations including auxiliary aids and services necessary to afford an individual with a disability an equal opportunity to participate in all services, programs and activities. To request materials in an alternative format, please contact our office for assistance. Persons with hearing and speech impairments can contact each agency by using the West Virginia Relay Service, a toll-free telecommunication device for the deaf (TDD). For voice to TDD, call 800-982-8772. For TDD to voice, call 800-982-8771.

West Virginia State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers
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