West Virginia State Board of
Registration for Professional Engineers
Enforcement / Disciplinary Actions

The West Virginia State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers is charged with the responsibility of administering the provisions of the West Virginia State Registration Law for Professional Engineers (WV Code Chapter 30, Article 13 and Title 7 of the Legislative Rule – Series 1-2). In order to safeguard life, health and property and to promote public welfare, the practice of engineering in this state is hereby declared subject to regulation in the public interest.

In addition to evaluating candidates for licensure and examinations, the Board investigates allegations of misconduct, fraud, deceit, negligence and incompetence, unless dismissed by the Board as unfounded, trivial or otherwise without merit. The Board will determine whether or not a hearing is warranted for any individual licensee or any corporation holding a certificate of authorization.


Complaints may be filed against individuals and firms by submitting a completed Complaint form, see below, to the Board specifying the allegation(s) and providing copies of documents and/or other evidence supporting the allegation(s). All Complaints must be verified by the Complainant before a notary public.

Complaint procedures will be in accordance with WV Code Chapter 30, Article 13 and Title 7 of the Legislative Rule - Section 2. To ensure procedural due process, a copy of received and filed Complaint forms (and any attachments) will be provided to the individual or entity against whom the complaint is filed so they have ample opportunity to respond to the allegations. This complaint, any response and complaint-related materials are confidential while the matter is being investigated. Complaint files are not public records until the matter has been resolved. We ask for your cooperation in keeping this matter confidential while this complaint is pending.

Please note that action taken on complaints may result in a hearing which may require attendance of all involved parties to testify regarding the issues at hand.  Once the matter is resolved and the complaint is closed, this Complaint Form, responses and the resolution of the complaint will become a matter of public record. 

Official Print Complaint Form (PUBLIC USE)
Official Online Complaint Form (PUBLIC USE)
Official Board-Initiated Complaint Form (BOARD USE)


Disciplinary Actions

Complaints may be resolved by Board action or informally through the entry of an agreed Consent Order. In some cases, the Board, after an investigation, may dismiss a Complaint as being trivial and/or unfounded. Disciplinary actions are a matter of public record and will be posted below as well as in our annual newsletters. All complaints, except those identified "pending collection,” are listed in chronological order based on the date they were closed. All matters recently closed by Board action appear directly below. For information on matters closed by Board action prior to the recent listing below, click on the Archived Disciplinary Action link.

Completed Disciplinary Actions Click to View
Case No. 2024-44 Simple Design, LLC
Case No. 2024-36 Knighthawk Engineering, Inc.
Case No. 2024-35 Industrial Accessories Company
Case No. 2024-23 Amanda Graphics, LLC
Case No. 2024-31 EFI Global, Inc.
Case No. 2024-28 CB&I Storage Tank Solutions LLC
Case No. 2024-22 Alliance Structural Engineers, Inc.
Case No. 2024-12 Derek B. Godwin
Case No. 2024-34 Halliwell Engineering Associates, LLC
Case No. 2024-33 EnviroScience Inc.
Case No. 2024-32 Engineering Systems Inc.
Case No. 2024-30 David Mason & Associates, Inc.
Case No. 2024-27 Caldwell Tanks, Inc.
Case No. 2024-26 Bowser-Morner, Inc.
Case No. 2024-24 BBD Engineering & Design Firm, LLC
Case No. 2024-29 Cintar Inc.
Case No. 2024-17 Swiss Valley Associates, Inc.
Case No. 2024-16 Servant Engineering LLC
Case No. 2023-11 The Cafaro Company
Case No. 2024-09 Gary D. Ousley
Case No. 2024-10 Jim J. Zhao
Case No. 2024-07 Howard Alderson
Case No. 2015-10, 2014-16 Daniel A. Metheny
Case No. 2024-13 Ildefonso Gonzalez
Case No. 2024-11 Heath A. Dumack
Case No. 2024-06 Mark N. Bigbie
Case No. 2024-05 Brad J. Isbell
Case No. 2024-04 Zeyn B. Uzman
Case No. 2024-02 Skytrac Services Inc.
Case No. 2024-14 David B. Kornacki
Case No. 2024-15 Ammar Qashshu
Case No. 2024-03 Jose L. Parada
Case No. 2024-08 Afsar Hasan
Case No. 2023-16 Heiberg Engineering and Forensic Services
Case No. 2023-19 American Buildings Company Illinois LLC
Case No. 2023-18 Kirby Building Systems LLC
Case No. 2023-17 Nucor Corporation
Case No. 2023-20 MBA Structural Engineers, INC
Case No. 2023-08 Underhill Engineering, LLC
Case No. 2023-15 Thompson & Litton, Inc.
Case No. 2023-10 Enhanse LLC
Case No. 2023-09 Kennedy Structural Engineers, PLLC
Case No. 2023-04 Motz Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Case No. 2023-02 Atom Engineering, PLLC
Case No. 2023-05 Berardi + Partners, Inc.
Case No. 2023-03 William C. Blackwell
Case No. 2023-01 RESPEC Company, LLC
Case No. 2022-35 Michael C. Sun
Case No. 2022-35 CTL Engineering of WV, Inc.
Case No. 2022-34 Pickering Associates
Case No. 2022-26 JDS Consulting
Case No. 2022-38 Braun Intertec Corporation
Case No. 2022-28 Love Engineering
Case No. 2022-29 McKim & Creed, Inc.
Case No. 2022-17 BEL Environmental Engineering, LLC
Case No. 2022-16 Architectural Design Guild Corporation
Case No. 2022-14 Pure Power Engineering, Inc.
Case No. 2022-33 The Roberts Group, P.S.C.
Case No. 2022-32 Taylor & Viola Structural Engineers
Case No. 2022-31 Sheffler & Company, Inc.
Case No. 2022-25 Industrial Tech Services
Case No. 2022-23 GHD Inc.
Case No. 2022-20 Engineering Professionals, Inc.
Case No. 2022-18 Brandstetter Carroll, Inc.
Case No. 2022-15 Allen Engineering and Science
Case No. 2022-30 SBI Engineers PLLC
Case No. 2022-27 Kemron Environmental Services, Inc.
Case No. 2022-24 GHT Limited
Case No. 2022-22 Epic Engineering Group
Case No. 2022-19 Edwin L. Heim Company
Case No. 2022-21 Engineers Northwest, Inc., P. S.
Case No. 2022-11 Brasil W. Hamrick, Jr.
Case No. 2022-10 Southern Corrosion, Inc.
Case No. 2022-09 Berardi + Partners, Inc.
Case No. 2022-08 Integrated Design Consultants, LLC
Case No. 2022-07 Cervantes Consulting Engineers, LLC
Case No. 2022-06 Zak Consulting Engineers LLC
Case No. 2021-22 John K. Henshaw
Case No. 2022-03 Stephen D. Heath
Case No. 2022-02 Zero & Associates / Lawrence Zero
Case No. 2021-17 COCCA Development, LTD
Case No. 2021-19 Mark W. Yoder
Case No. 2021-18 MPP Engineers, LLC
Case No. 2009-03 Chris Deck / Rick Moss / Steel Safe Foundations Systems (pending collection)
Case No. 2008-14 Joseph N. Howard (pending collection)
Case No. 2006-19 all about Homes.net (pending collection)
Case No. 2006-01 Earl F. McKinney (pending collection)
Case No. 2004-07 Wilhelm Dix (pending collection)
Case No. 2004-04 Paul H. Kruggel / Paul H. Kruggel & Associates, Inc. (pending collection)

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