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Foreign Degree Holders

WV Engineering Law requires an ABET-accredited BS degree in engineering or engineering technology. If the degree is earned outside of the US, applicants must obtain a foreign degree evaluation through NCEES Credentials Evaluations that shows substantial equivalency to an ABET BS degree. Having an MS or PhD from an ABET accredited program in the US can allow the applicant to forego having the NCEES evaluation. However, if the applicant elects to forego the NCEES evaluation, then the MS and/or PhD cannot count towards the required experience. Typically, a minimum of four (4) years of engineering work experience under a licensed professional engineer is required after graduation and prior to applying for the PE exam in most states.

Do I need an evaluation?

If you aren’t sure whether you need a credentials evaluation through NCEES, contact our board office before you begin the process. Most applicants are referred to NCEES Credentials Evaluations by a state licensing board.

You do not need an evaluation if your degree was accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET at the time of your graduation. ABET also accredits some programs in other countries.

If you aren’t sure whether your degree program is EAC-accredited, you can search for it at ABET’s website (www.abet.org) under Accredited Program Search.

What is the purpose of an evaluation?

To earn a license to practice engineering, candidates must meet requirements in three areas: education, experience, and examinations. State licensing boards require that a foreign degree holders’ educational background be evaluated to ensure that it is comparable to an accredited degree in the United States. The evaluation process helps ensure that a candidate is qualified academically for licensure. Usually, this takes place when a candidate applies to sit for a licensing exam offered by NCEES.

What is the “Engineering Education Standard”?

When it conducts an evaluation, NCEES compares the candidate’s college-level education against the NCEES Engineering Education Standard (formerly evaluated as substantially equivalent to an ABET-accredited degree).

Are the licensure exams available in languages other than English?

Both the FE and the PE Exams will only be administered in the English language.

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